3 day hike in the nature park Fanes-Senes-Braies

This three-day excursion takes you to the most fascinating places in the nature park Fanes-Senes-Braies. During this tour we also pass close to some mountain lakes such as the Fojedöra, Limo and Parom.

1st day: Departure from the Hotel Monte Paraccia in San Vigilio and continue on the path nr. 19. After 1.5 hours take path 12 to the Piz da Peres summit. Continuing along the mountain meadows one arrives at the Fojedöra lake. From Fojedöra follow the signs nr. 24 to Ciastlins and then to the Sennes fork. The first night we sleep in the Sennes or Fodara refuge.

2nd day: In the morning there is the possibility to go up to the summit Sas dla Para. This climb is not difficult and offers a spectacular view. Returning to the Fodara refuge, go down to Pederù from where you go up to the Fanes pasture. To spend the night you will find two shelters: Rifugio Lavarella or the Fanes refuge.

3rd day: From Fanes, continue along the Limo pass to the Limo lake. Continuing along the road, you reach the Gran Fanes pasture and then the Col de Locia (signposted nr. 11) and the Capanna Alpina. Here ends the three-day tour. The bus will take you back to San Vigilio.

Difficulty: difficult
Distance: 46,00 km
Uphill: 3.174 m
Altitude: 1.201 m - 2.518 m
Duration: 17:29 h
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Technical: ■■■■
Conditions: ■■■■■
Adventure: ■■■■■
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