Kronplatzking MTB Race


From the legend of the Fanes Kingdom . . . Princess Dolasilla defeated her opponents with ease, making her an invincible heroine. Acclaimed by her people, the brave princess was brought to the Plan de Corones, where she was crowned by her father, the king, with the magnificent Rajetta, and so she became the queen of the Fanes Kingdom. The prime of the Fanes Kingdom had begun. Many, many years have passed since then, for too long a time the Fanes people had to wait for a new King. But now, hear ye, hear ye! The time of waiting has come to an end, a worthy successor is searched for! We call all proud riders on bikeback from all over the world, to compete in a bike-fight among their own kind, in order to find and celebrate the new King of the Fanes Kingdom! Saddle your bike - become the new KronplatzKING!


30.08.2020 08:00 - 16:00

Contact details

39030 San Vigilio - Plan de Corones

+39 335 7405400