Snow shoe hike from Pares across Furcela de Furcia to Juvac

PARES 1538 m – FURCELA DE FURCIA 2294 m – JUVAC 2450 m approx. 912 m | approx. 3 hours Description: Set off from the Pares car park and keep right after about 20 minutes, following the upper forest trail to where the woods end. From there, continue across the beautiful mountain pastures to the Furcela de Furcia pass and take a right to reach the peak.

Possibility to rental snowshoes in Antermoia and Picolin.

Bus line 460 takes you to the centre of the village of Lungiarü/Campill. You have to walk about 30 minutes to the Pares car park. 

We recommend wearing snowshoes and rakes. During the hike you can find refreshments at the hut Ütia Ciampcios.  

Difficulty: medium
Distance: 6,83 km
Uphill: 884 m
Altitude: 1.536 m - 2.419 m
Duration: 03:04 h
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