BADIAMUSICA - pipe concert "trumpet & organ"


A good artist copies, but a great one steals, is an opinion that has been attributed to Pablo Picasso. Fortunately, in music there is a category in between - transcription. For centuries, musicians have not stolen, but have transcribed, adapted and in some cases even refined the music of their colleagues, competitors, predecessors and idols for their own purposes. In this programme, two internationally sought-after instrumentalists, organist Johannes Berger and trumpeter Matthew Sadler, would like to present a wide selection of transcriptions from four centuries. The art of transcription has reached a peak with Johann Sebastian Bach. Without having made the journey across the Alps like many other German composers, Bach has nevertheless taken inspiration from Italy. But this programme shows that transcriptions in various forms have a lively future, with music by Stockhausen and the Japanese composer Toshio Hosokawa.


24.08.2020 21:00 - 22:30

Meeting point

church of San Vigilio di Marebbe

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church of San Vigilio di Marebbe

39030 San Vigilio

+39 0474 501037