Duo Vis à Vis - Badia Musica


The first part of the concert is dedicated to the original repertoire for saxophone. It ranges from classical composers such as Demersseman, to more modern composers (Smith) and contemporary composers (Iturralde), crossing various musical genres. Adolphe Sax did not file his saxophone patent until 1846. It took a long time for the instrument to become established and appreciated by composers, who were often saxophonists themselves. One such composer was Pedro Iturralde, a Spanish jazz saxophonist with a Greek mother. It was from Greece that he drew inspiration for his Suite Hellènique, composed of four dances with jazz rhythms and contaminations: Kalamatianos, Funky, Valse and Kritis. The second part of the concert is completely dedicated to the Italian-Argentinean composer Astor Piazzolla, who became famous all over the world for his tangos. Some of his most representative pieces arranged for soprano/contralto saxophone and piano will be performed.

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Istitut Ladin Micura de Rü

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Istitut Ladin Micura de Rü

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