Them walk: Tru dal Ega

From the Fanes Senes Braies Nature Park House, this trail will take you to where the village stream meets the Aqua Bad Cortina Hotel and on towards Pederü passing through Ciamaor. Running along the stream, it leads to the forty springs of Les Fontanes just outside Lé dla Creda. We absolutely recommend a short detour to the watercourse at the entrance of the C´iastlin valley, from where you can hike to Fodara Masaronn with its Ega de San Vi springs. Along the way, many fascinating stops show just how multi-faceted water is.

Difficulty: easy
Distance: 6,45 km
Uphill: 123 m
Altitude: 1.198 m - 1.359 m
Duration: 01:53 h
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Adventure: ■■■■
Landscape: ■■■■■