Electrical mobility

Have you ever tried a segway? It’s a kind of electric push scooter that you use standing up and that you’ll find easy to control after only a few minutes of practice. With the segway, you can travel over any type of ground, from tarmac to dirt tracks, and it’s suitable for even the youngest to enjoy, as well as to aid those who struggle with walking. Thanks to the powerful rechargeable batteries, the segway can handle even very uneven ground and recharges partially during any downhill sections. It is safe as it locks instantly if the driver gets off and the speed, which is automatically controlled and adjustable as desired, never generally exceeds twice human walking speed.  They can be rented from one hour of use to whole days and there are charging stations available to recharge the battery.

Segway rental
San Vigilio di Marebbe
Open: 01.06.2021 - 01.10.2021