Walking tour: Lungiarü - Muntcörta - Pares - Frëina - Lungiarü

Walking past the barn underneath the church and across the bridge, a gravel road on the right runs south-west towards Frëina. Arrived in Frëina take the paved road on the left and walk about 300 m until you reach the crossing. Continue straight on towards Juvel (no. 9) and cross the bridge. Follow the forest road and, at the first bend next to the stream, turn right and head through the forest until you get to Pares, where the trail ends at the forest road (no. 5) to Medalghes. Go towards the mountains and at the first small crossing, turn right and walk until you get to the paved road. Take the left to Miscì and walk through the Val di Murins valley to the lime kiln. The route back leads to Lungiarü along the wood path.

Difficulty: easy
Distance: 6,26 km
Altitude: 1.391 m - 1.624 m
Duration: 01:51 h
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Adventure: ■■■
Landscape: ■■■