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Bike until victory

The South Tyrolean region of San Vigilio Dolomites has long since made a name for itself in the bike scene as the venue for some top-class bike events. The top-notch qualities of the Dolomites can be transferred 1:1 to the events offered here: majestic, steep - simply bombastic! The king among the events is undoubtedly the Kronplatzking. The Transalp, too, has come here several times for good reason.

The King of the Bike-Events

Whoever is crowned Kronplatz King has already secured their entry in the mountain biking annals. The start of the annual event highlight Kronplatzking MTB Marathon is the village of San Vigilio, the finish is the summit of Plan de Corones. 800 fearless bike-knights take to the saddle - but only one can win and wear the crown. The Kronplatzking is the only MTB marathon with 8 km of freeride descents, 9 km of single trail and a mountain finish at the summit at 2,275m in the heart of the Dolomites. If that isn’t a worthwhile goal!

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Crossing the Alps on a bike
The Transalp

With the Transalp and the Transalp Tour San Vigilio hosts another top-class MTB every year, always alternating between the fixed stages of the Alpine crossings.