Excursions in the Dolomites
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Excursions in the Dolomites

San Vigilio und San Martin ... a mountain hiker's paradise

For lovers of mountain hiking, San Vigilio di Marebbe and San Martino in Badia offer a range of potential destinations, spectacular scenery and made to measure suggestions which few other Alpine areas can offer. From the most challenging mountaineering, involving climbing to the Dolomite peaks to day trips and multiday treks between mountain huts, pastures and mountain dairies. From the most authentic hiking, accessible to people of average fitness, to straightforward walks with children and pushchairs and gastronomic walks which put our consciences at rest if we eat a little too much, which is always a risk here.

We’ll try to give you an overview here, remembering that good, suitable equipment is the first important safety step in the mountains and that asking for advice from a guide or tourist association is always a way of personalizing to the max your day and open-air tours.  



New emotions experienced with maximum quietness

The Fanes-Senes-Braies and Puez-Odle Nature Parks, which in themselves guarantee unspoilt nature and interesting discoveries, offer you a wide choice of peaceful walks. But also, outside the nature parks or on the shores of the Dolomite lakes you can experience and discover a lot - in all peace and serenity. 

Our tip that will delight young and old
The "Tru dles Liondes" themed trail

Set out to discover and follow in the footsteps of the brave and beautiful princess Dolasilla, the greedy king, the brave queen and her alliance with the marmots, the deceitful wizard Spina de Mul, and the heroic deeds of Ey de Net. Let yourself be carried away by the sound of the flowing river water and the smell of the fresh larch and pine needles, into the enchanting world of legends of the Fanes Kingdom.

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Trekking in the mountains

Discover the Dolomites

The Puez-Odle and Fanes-Senes-Braies Nature Parks, located in the UNESCO Dolomites World Heritage Site, offer countless trekking tours in the high mountains between 2,500 and 3,000 m above sea level. Tips and suggestions for these alpine activities are countless! Stupendous views and incredible peaks are offered in all possible combinations and variations.

Always remember that mountain guides and trained hiking guides can support you in word and deed.

Our tip for trekking lovers
Lungiarü – Antersasc – Crëp dales Dodesc

Small hiking trails stretch through the Antersasc valley; in the valley basins you will enjoy indescribable peace and quiet and relax listening for any sounds of nature. Who knows if a deer or a stag is hiding behind the bushes or trees?

The green alpine meadows, with their small paths and hills, lead you up to the heights, to above the tree line, and once you have reached the top of the Crëp dales Dodesc (Cima Dodici), you can enjoy a dreamlike view of the mountaineering village of Lungiarü and of the nearby peaks of the Sas dla Crusc and Sas de Pütia, as well as of the surrounding mountain peaks.

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Excursions to alpine huts

Hikes with refreshment stop

Do you love green meadows and pastures, the tranquillity of nature and slowly passing holiday days? Are you looking for the true taste of the mountains, like those who earn their bread with them every day, and would you like to marvel at the beautiful mountain peaks from a respectful distance? Then the Ladin mountain pastures and huts are exactly the right destination for you. You usually start from the place of accommodation and within a few hours of hiking you will overcome 500 to 600 m of difference in altitude, which will bring you to the limit of vegetation. Here, among mountain pines, wide expanses of alpine roses and mountain pastures, you will always find an alpine pasture or a hut that welcomes you.

Our tip for alpine hut lovers
Roda de Pütia

Gentle, lush green meadows covered with alpine flowers await you on your way to the alpine huts around the Sas de Pütia. They can all be found around the mountain massif and each one of them will spoil and delight you with traditional Ladin and South Tyrolean food and drink. Set out and experience unforgettable moments amidst the beautiful nature of the Sas de Pütia meadows!

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Our tip for adrenaline junkies
The new Via Ferrata "Piz da Peres"

The new Via Ferrata "Piz da Peres", built for the 2022 summer, consists of three interesting sections with a difficulty rating C/D (difficult). The via ferrata is located in a favorable geographical position and offers very good accessibility, with short access routes and breathtaking panoramic views.  You will be able to experience a spectacular mountain adventure, surrounded by beautiful scenery. The via ferrata is in the immediate vicinity of hiking trail no. 12 and offers two emergency exits. It can be easily reached from the starting point Passo Furcia.

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Discover San Vigilio Dolomites
Abenteuerweg | © CT San Vigilio/San Martin, St. Vigil in Enneberg
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San Vigilio - San Martin
Adventure hike Piz de Plaies
Distance 1,5 km
Duration 45 min
Ascent 112 m
Decent 31 m

Guided excursions

The professionals at your service

The San Vigilio di Marebbe and San Martino in Badia tourist office has drawn up a full program of guided excursions for every season of the year to take visitors to all the area’s special features and natural beauties. For each sector, from mountaineering to ecology, culture to food and wine, nature to the environment, you will be accompanied by expert, professional trained and skilled guides who will answer all your questions and satisfy all your curiosity, introducing you to some of the sometimes-hidden gems of the area and its people.

Request the full guided visit and trip program relating to the holiday period chosen.

In the summer, for example, we can offer you a grand total of 120 hours of weekly guided excursions for groups of up to 15 people.

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Rules for mountain lovers
Good hike rules
  •  Respect the fences; the primary destination for many trails is agricultural use. Always close livestock gates
  • Consider the difficulty level of the trail in relation to your skills
  • Respect nature and wild animals, avoid disturbing noises, do not stray from marked trails
  • Respect the rules of the Natural Parks, these are protected areas with stricter rules
  • Please take your rubbish home
  • Check the weather before setting off, remember that in the mountains weather and temperatures can change quickly.
  • Prepare your rucksack well. Wear comfortable, waterproof mountain boots with non-slip soles
Rules for mountain lovers
What to put in your rucksack
  • Warm and waterproof clothing, spare clothes
  • Plenty of liquids, energy food, sun cream, sunglasses
  • Hiking map, mobile phone and first aid kit
  • Headlamp: always useful, especially in case of emergencies