Hiking Trail Corones

San Vigilio - San Martin
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Easy, three-hour hike around the top of Mount Kronplatz, suitable for all hiking levels.
Route data
6,6 km
3 h 00 min
140 m
260 m
Technical skills
Physical condition
Highest point
2.274 m
Lowest point
2.069 m
From the Concordia peace bell at the peak, follow trail B, an easy circular trail around the Kronplatz plateau, either clockwise or anti-clockwise. Kronplatz boasts plenty of activities and attractions for kids, teens and grown-ups: the MMM Corones museum, the striking Concordia peace bell, a giant swing aptly named Skyscraper and a number of inns, to name but a few.
How to get there
To get to the top of Mount Kronplatz, simply take a cable car at one of the valley stations in Riscone-Reischach, Casola-Gassl near Valdaora-Olang or Passo Furcia-Furkelpass. All cable cars are accessible by car (parking available). Riscone-Reischach and Casola-Gassl can also be reached by public transport.
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San Vigilio - San Martin
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