the valley of art and artists
SMACH.Val dl’Ert

The Ladin region is a land of artists. Polyhedral. And international. The names of Gilbert & George or that of Aldo Canins are enough to testify this, even if we could mention many, many others! However, we shall not venture into this because we are not well-versed enough to explain or clarify the origins of the artistic sensibility that Ladinia has successfully shown to the entire world, which continues to flourish among new and highly gifted generations.

We will instead focus on trying to tell and explain to you one of the most important permanent artistic initiatives that the village of San Martino in Badia have generated and have been hosting for some seasons now: the valley of art, in the Ladin language the "Val dl'Ert". What is this all about? Explaining it in its concepts is perhaps complex, but in the end the result is simple, albeit very interesting. Not only is the "Val dl’Ert" a permanent exhibition and outdoor art gallery, but also an amble and educational pastime. The "Val dl’Ert" is also a theatre; a "hall" of events under the stars that can be reached and entered on foot. All this is situated in the heart of the Dolomites and the Ladin woods, which act as walls, background and scenography! Everything was born from the desire and need to find a permanent exhibition space for the international works and sculptures acquired in several editions of “SMACH.Constellation of Art, Culture & History in the Dolomites”. “SMACH” is a biennial international competition exhibiting works in a dozen different locations across the Val Badia valley.

The place for the outdoor gallery encompassing this collection of works was identified in an Alpine valley about a thirty minutes' walk from the village of San Martino in Badia. However, this location immediately revealed other potentials from which the organisers could not have escaped. Thus, a metamorphosis took place which opened the "Val dl’Ert" to other themes and artistic expressions, a common thread inspired from and for the seven muses, on the trail of the first art competitions. An alternative and winning project, quite like the Ladin artistic spirit.