Fanes, an animal kingdom
Fanes Senes Braies

Covering almost 26 thousand hectares and with vast high plateaus crowned and cut through by steep Dolomite rock walls, the Fanes Senes and Braies nature park is the second largest of the South Tyrolean parks, after the Tessa Massif nature park. Its many special features, as well as some of the most beautiful Alpine Dolomite views and easy access from many directions, is of primary importance to the fauna which find a natural habitat here and whose variety can certainly be considered representative of the whole Dolomite region. A significant example is Megachirella Wachtleri, a lizard found in a fossilized state twenty years or so ago right here and which, using modern scientific techniques, was revealed in May 2018 to be the precursor of all modern lizards, the most ancient example dating back as far as 250 million years ago.  This was made possible in particular by the variety of habitats present, today and at the dawn of time, in the valleys and the most difficult to access mountain areas.

The existing various layers of vegetation vary from low mountain forests to typically rocky vegetation. Altitudes vary, for the most part, between 1500 and 2500 meters above sea level with only the highest peak, Conturines, just above 3000 meters.

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