Owl Park San Vigilio
In the kingdom of owls
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Owl Park San Vigilio

In the kingdom of owls

Few people know this, but apart from being an Italian and Alpine naturalistic institution ‘Fanes Senes and Braies Natural Park’ houses five of the seven known species of Strigiformes. Commonly known as the long-eared owl and the little owl, these Strigiformes live and are monitored in this provincial territory. Long-eared owls, little owls and tawny owls are often loved by children (who recognise them as wise fairy tale characters) and nature lovers for whom they generally represent a health indicator for the ecosystem of that specific area. They are not as easy to spot and identify. However, they can now be easily spotted!

At the foot of the Natural Park, in the San Vigilio region, in an area composed of many aviaries, you can see more than 40 different species of these birds of prey which come from all corners of the world. They are lovingly cared for at the zoological park ‘Owl Park San Vigilio’ by Mario, the Falconer. Falconry began as a hobby for Mario and then became a full-time job, where he takes care of his feathery friends. The dissemination of knowledge learnt over many years is one of the most important pillars of this zoological park. By explaining the life of these birds of prey, their habits and vices, the visitors are induced with a greater sensitivity and respect for the fauna that surrounds them.

For ethical reasons no bird born and bred in the wild is a guest of this owl park, unless it needs essential care. At the zoological park, some very rare and particular birds who would probably be at serious risk of extinction in the wild, are also cared for.

Have we intrigued you? Mario will be happy to reveal the secrets of the diurnal and (above all) nocturnal birds of prey with whom he has, for years, established a very special relationship. Which one? Discover it for yourself by visiting the Owl Park, which will not fail to grant you other pleasant and exciting surprises.


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Owl Park San Vigilio