Ladinia, land of fungi
Mushroom picking

Our woodlands, largely tended and protected like the nature parks, are packed with mushrooms, much sought-after by lovers of the mountains and the Dolomites in particular.

But watch out! While for the mushroom hunter, a good harvest is an unparalleled reward, past excesses and the need to protect these forests have led to strict regulations on mushroom picking.

In South Tyrol and so in this area as well, picking is allowed only for those over 14 years of age, on even days and at set times (from 7am to 7pm) upon presentation of a day pass that you can buy from the tourist offices or local authorities (€ 8). This allows you to pick up to 1kg of mushrooms per person and per day.

Mushroom collection
Permit online

We offer the possibility of acquiring the mushroom collection permit online at . By completing the form and paying the corresponding amount, a nominal digital permit will be issued fort he collection of mushrooms of the chosen municipality. Attention: payment must be made by credit card of PAYPAL.

Online permit