Live the Dolomites on holiday with children

A mountain holiday with children and the whole family, in the midst of the Dolomite natural heritage site? San Vigilio, San Martino and their villages and Viles are ready and ideally equipped to welcome you and make you feel at home! Now more than ever, holidays, both short and long, have become the most important moment to enjoy family life. After hours of school, homework and additional activities, children finally have their parents to themselves while mums and dads and other close family finally have the time and energy to devote themselves fully to their offspring, setting aside work and everyday preoccupations for a few days. And a holiday together in the mountains is the best. You can go for a walk, play and discover lots of new things together!  And from this point of view, in San Vigilio and San Martino we definitely know what you’re looking for.

The old mills along the stream, with water running through great paddle wheels and actioning mills to make super-fine flour; the Ciamaor beach on the banks of Rio San Viglio where you and your children can play, rest, bathe and sunbathe; bicycles, always available and checked for everyone: just get ready, get a filling snack and off you go...

Or become a Dolomite mountain ranger and go out hunting for those who aren’t behaving as they should in the nature parks, or explore the mountain dairies, their animals and the delicious goodies that the families who live in them in summer make for you to try.

Just a very few of the vast range of things to do in the Dolomites. Living the Dolomites with children – it’s better with us. Believe it!