Who is better on two wheels?
Bicycle tours with children

In many cases, the best bike riders are not always the oldest.

For this reason, we invite you to carefully consider our bike tours, specially designed for families with kids, so that you don’t find yourself with the kids leading the expedition. Joking aside, among the summer activities for families, bike rides with the whole family really are a favorite. Bike routes suitable for the whole family also have a key place in the activity programs of San Vigilio and San Martino.

For example, you can cycle for just under fifteen kilometers, on a gentle upward slope from San Vigilio to Pederü, with rest stops possible all along the way, where you can make the most of refreshment stands or even decide to turn back. That will occupy you for an enjoyable summer afternoon.

There are a lot of routes of this kind, as well as on the val Badia cycle path, and we will be happy to show them all to you.