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Excursion to a mountain hut with children

Let’s talk about mountain huts! These are small cabins, made of wood, sometimes with a stone foundation, that mountain inhabitants built in the past and that still exist today. They provide a shelter in the mountain pastures or serve as a base point, maybe when moving herds of cattle or when travelling long distances in the mountains on foot. Today their use has changed, even if the local people’s activities have not, but they have also been rediscovered as oases of calm, far from daily village life. And if they are havens of peace for those who live in the village, imagine what they must be like for those who live in the city! They become a real paradise. With us, in San Vigilio in Marebbe and San Martino in Badia, there are many walks, almost all suitable for families and children for short or long distances. We would like you to know about all of them, so we have prepared handy guides, with all the details you need to find them, and we are happy to make them available to you.  

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