Special Holiday in the dolomites UNESCO
The autumn...

What is the best season of the year? Is it spring? Is it summer, or winter?

What if we told you that it is autumn? Would you believe us? And why not?

For us, autumn is a season to be experienced since it is full of charm and adventure. It has something more, compared to the other seasons. Calm, tranquillity and peace characterise the places that are finally back on a more human scale. Furthermore, the intimacy of a cosy place, the warmth of a crackling fireplace and the bright red of a good glass of wine, are all contributing factors. Not to mention the colours of the autumn forest, the silence of natural parks and magnificent autumn days. Although the days a little shorter, its warmth and intense light make this season stand out from the others. This is a time to enjoy some fresh air and the mountain with its cooler temperatures. Furthermore, people, after the stress of hectic summer days, finally find the time to stop and chat with friends. In autumn, places are no longer crowded and are far more liveable. More available services enhance our professionalism, relationships and cordiality: more time for our guests and, on your part, more time for yourself. In autumn the daytime is ideal for outdoor living to really enjoy the mountains and practising sport. However, the evenings, that gradually get longer, are an invitation to spend time on our own and with friends. This is a time that we can dedicate to our well-being perhaps, or just gather around a table laden with mushrooms, cheeses, game and many other autumn delicacies.

Autumn in San Vigilio and San Martino is all this ... and a little more! There are the same wide range of leisure and activities. However, the setting is different, perhaps it is more authentic, certainly warmer and, in some ways more intimate. All this has been especially designed for everyone wanting to enjoy their holiday with us, that's why we are the "bela Badia!” (beautiful Badia)