Dedicate yourself to your favourite sport, learning a new sport or a new sport technique. All these activities are more fun in autumn. Locations, trails and facilities are less crowded. All the instructors are much more available during this time but if you want to practice without them, rest assured that you, your loved ones or your sports companions will always find the space you need available. The facilities are more accessible. In fact, it is highly possible that any choice you make will not require to be booked. Furthermore, cycle paths are not as overcrowded as they usually are during summer and the swimming pool is also quieter. Finally, both indoor and outdoor climbing walls have time and space for everyone! Everything is more fun. In addition to this, the high temperatures, but also the sudden summer storms, are a distant memory. In fact, during this time of the year, the Dolomites enjoy a more stable and fine weather. Why not take advantage of it all? 

Enjoy the autumnal tranquility
Discover the peace and tranquility of the mountains in autumn.
The destinations keep their charm intact even in this season, but the "journey" to reach them is much, much more beautiful.
Explore and learn together
Guided activities
Discovering the surrounding nature together during this season has its own charm. Request the full guided visit and trip program relating to the holiday period chosen.
Guided excursions & events
Enjoy the descent
Mountainbike & Downhill
Challenging rides, taking on obstacles with tricks and drops on two wheels. This is the freeride and downhill in San Vigilio. Some cable cars are still open, to accompany even the laziest on the summit.