The Nature in Colors
Excursions and walks

In the mountains, the end of summer and early autumn is traditionally ideal for hiking and mountaineering. The woods, with their wide varieties and shades of colours, are at their best during this time of the year. The perfumes of the wood and the warm temperatures are ideal to enjoy outdoor activities. In autumn, the mountain, through its unique light and clear atmosphere, offers even more fascinating views. It is almost impossible to imagine a better scenery for a good hike. This has been renowned for generations, so much so that people used to devote the months of September and October almost exclusively to excursions and mountain tours. Take some advice from the experience of our own locals and probably even your ancestors. Experience how beautiful it is to enjoy meadows, forests and mountains in peace and tranquillity. The mountain tops retain their natural charm intact even in autumn. However, the "journey" to climb them is much, much more beautiful and satisfying.