The works of the mountains
The farmers are always working

There is a job which, especially in the mountains, knows no seasons, holidays or days of celebration! We are talking about being a farmer. This is even more challenging in our valleys, which are beautiful from a naturalistic, panoramic and spectacular point of view; but difficult due to the alternation of slopes, gradients, distances and morphological conformation of the terrain. Here, work becomes particularly heavy and requires experience as well as knowledge to avoid the risks that you only understand through practice. The mechanical means can only partially help agroforestry. In autumn, if visiting the Viles, the characteristic and unique rural agglomerations of the Ladin valleys, or taking part in guided tours or simply attending weekly farm markets, it is possible - and also instructive - to get an idea of how much work is involved when running a farm. This includes everyday routines such as milking, feeding the animals, stable and farmyard cleaning and egg collection until the last haymaking in September. Activities continue with the production of cheeses or schnapps, and with the complex procedures for the conservation of various harvests. Finally, towards November, there is the traditional killing of the pig of which, as it is well known, nothing should be wasted. This is most often associated with the very fragrant and tasty speck that is present on the dining tables of all Italian families.

We are under no illusions; this applies to both you and us! Nowadays, summer and winter are both holiday seasons. Tourism and entertainment are filled with - perhaps excessive - proposals and offers. On the other hand, it is appropriate to meet the needs of every type of guest, who chooses his/her destination also in function of what is on offer. Unfortunately, this sometimes generates an overcrowding that goes to the detriment of the authenticity of the places. This includes the true sense of nature, colour and perfume, as well as the tranquillity with which to enjoy the mountains, the forest, a landscape or a hike. Fortunately, at the end of summer and during autumn, this authenticity comes back, as intact and real as ever: the genuineness of people, places, feelings, landscapes and emotions. In other words, the authentic life that you are looking for and that we invite you to enjoy, undisturbed, whilst being pampered by us!