Floodlit skiing
Night skiing

You’re not sure what to do after dinner, but you don’t want to stay in your hotel? Sledding is on the program for tomorrow and you went torchlight hiking in snowshoes yesterday?

Very well! Then why not get back on your skis and try the experience of nighttime skiing? Where? Why, on the Cianross run of course, in the heart of San Vigilio, which was also host to the European alpine ski cup. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, from Christmas to Easter, the cable cars reopen from 8 to 10 pm with floodlit ski runs that have been re-prepared while the runs were shut. You can ski yourself (the ticket is included in every multi-day skipass) or bring your children and, while they enjoy themselves like crazy, you have a few more hours sipping on a nice hot mulled wine. As the evening comes to a close, or instead of skiing, the Cianross facility also offers you a floodlit sledding track, for the last time or for several more goes! Then you will definitely see that you have no trouble getting your little ones to sleep that night...