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Fair Play - Ride fair for more fun!

Eco tourism – for the love of nature

We love mountain biking! And we love nature. That's why RESPONSIBLE BIKING is a top priority in our Approved Bike Area. Because a responsible approach to nature is the be-all and end-all of good coexistence. We bikers are not the only ones who romp around on the mountain, in the forest and on the forest paths. We share the recreational areas with hikers and the plentiful native wildlife. Whether we are on a bike or lace up our hiking boots - we are all just guests in nature. To ensure that mountain biking and nature conservation don’t contradict each other, we must act with our hearts and our brains.

As a  UNESCO world heritage we have a special obligation towards our fauna and flora. The respectful treatment of our unique natural landscape is a special concern for us, which we are happy to share with our guests. Years ago, we deliberately chose the path of ecotourism in the region around San Vigilio and San Martin. We are consistently continuing on this path with the tourism sustainability certification GSTC (Global Sustainable Tourism Council) as an ecotourism region.

Fair Play – bike fair
Etiquette on the mountain = friendly!

As in any sport, there are also a few simple rules of conduct in mountain biking for a peaceful and safe coexistence of humans & animals and between bikers & hikers. It is precisely the latter who sometimes battle for Alpine space - they simply have a different approach to the experience of nature and are often not on good terms with each other. Although they are basically pursuing the same goal: having a good time in the mountains!

At times, emotions run high: Too fast! Too slow! These are the mutual accusations, especially on shared trails and forest paths. But good cooperation is possible. In San Vigilio we are convinced of this and we live by the motto: The mountains are there for all of us!


The 10 golden MTB rules

For a good cooperation on the mountains and in the forests
  1. Only ride on marked, permitted paths and forestry roads. Respect barriers
  2. Ride in a controlled manner and not beyond your ability.
  3. Comply with road traffic regulations: Ride so you can see at least half of any bend, ride on the right-hand side of paths and no riding under the influence of alcohol, check your bike before you start riding. Helmets must be worn!
  4. Always be ready to break.
  5. Be considerate towards other, especially less experienced riders.
  6. Respect other mountaineers; pass hikers, walkers and climbers at walking pace - pedestrians have priority! A friendly “ciao” is always a good start
  7. Be considerate to wildlife and vegetation! Avoid unnecessary noise, off-trail riding and riding at dusk - this is the active time of many forest animals. Close fences after riding through.
  8. Act and ride responsibly.
  9. Protecting plants and wildlife is paramount. Avoid unnecessary full braking with locked wheels - these damage paths and trails and can become danger spots for subsequent bikers. Ride in single file on gravel roads and avoid "cutting" corners. Ride in a nature-friendly way - that’s the motto!
  10. Keep the mountains tidy! Please take all your waste home. Thank you