Summer in the Dolomites

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Summer holidays in the Dolomites

Summer fun in San Vigilio Dolomites

In San Vigilio di Marebbe and San Marino in Badia, the summer is a magnificent season! Not that the others are less so but the summer - precisely for the emotions it engenders - is at its best here. Constant pleasant temperatures, plenty of sun and nature at its most splendid, town centers opening up generously to outdoor life, festivals and cultural events and entertainment offering well-received, interesting programs for those who have no specific plans of their own or those who are simply curious to see what surprises are in store: these are just the start of a wonderful summer holiday in Marebbano and San Martino in Badia. The summer is also beautiful here for the range of activities it offers to try your hand at, find out about, practice or perfect.

Mountaineering, walking and trekking are naturally top of the list, because it is impossible to pass up an opportunity to experience the landscapes and one-of-a-kind mountain worlds above 2000 meters of altitude that our region has offered for centuries.

For lovers of activity and fitness there are also mountain sports - mountain biking, jogging, road biking - as well as a host of opportunities to keep up the sports you enjoy at home.

For the most daring and thrill-seeking there is paragliding, ziplining, skyscraper and more. We haven’t forgotten about families with children, however, or about those looking for a relaxing and restful holiday and even the laziest of us, looking simply to do nothing at all!

From ‘Ciamaor beach’ where you can sunbathe, play and bathe in spa hotels offering saunas, massages and relaxation to the many family-friendly initiatives such as Dolomites rangers, special trips and games especially designed for them as well as horse riding, e-bike and segway.

And if you simply want to spend a relaxing afternoon in the open air, reading, thinking and enjoying the peace and quiet, the forests around the towns are full of idyllic corners where rustling leaves and cheeping birds will accompany your rest.


Paragliding and tandem flights

A flight over the Dolomites

Do you enjoy hang-gliding and paragliding?
Among the Dolomites, taking off from the Plan de Corones or from the other hillsides of San Vigilio or San Martino in Badia is even more beautiful. The basin shape of the Dolomite valleys and the differences in temperature often encourages the formation of updrafts that, if you’re already experienced, make it easier to lift off. Your flight will reward you with thrills, landscapes and aerial views that are simply unbelievable. But even if you’ve never tried it before, that doesn’t mean that you need miss out on this spectacle. Groups of experienced pilots, gliding professionals, and natives of our own mountains, will give you the chance to try out a tandem flight, with a hang-glider or paraglider, then after landing they will offer you videos and photos of your time on the wings of Icarus.


Running routes

Jogging, what a passion!

Is keeping fit close to your heart? Don’t want to give up your morning or evening run even on holiday? No problem! You’ll find that a holiday run through the meadows and forests is much more fun than those typical routes we are obliged to use in the cities.

There’s certainly no lack of nature itineraries here and some, both there-and-back and circuits, are traffic free with any sort of road surface you fancy. You will be able to try your hand at all the various types - gravel roads, grassy fields, forest tracks or even asphalt roads or athletics tracks.

We recommend the route from San Vigilio town to Fodara Masaron in the Fanes Senes Braies nature park (12 km).



In the gym on the rocks

The Plan de Corones dolomites region, and with it San Vigilio and San Martino, give you infinite choices for climbing, sport climbing or bouldering. As well as the natural cliffs that you can use for climbing or for keeping yourself fit, you will find some sort of a gym, some of them very new, in every town center, for sport climbing and bouldering. They are open at practically all hours thanks to summer opening times. There, you can also find courses and sport climbing or bouldering competitions. 

Hanging over the Dolomites
Skyscraper giant swing

The Skyscraper giant swing is the ideal entertainment for anyone with nerves of steel who would like to experience 360° views of the Dolomites, as well as the Zillertal Alps and Fundres mountains, from a very special and thrilling position. Well-harnessed, you are hoisted up with a winch to a height of fifteen meters, where you will have to unhook a carabiner to rely solely on two solid steel ropes that you use to swing around in the middle of the entire surrounding landscape. And around you...only the eagles! 

Fastination red earth

Tennis is a sport with millions of fans the world over and a holiday free of time constraints is the best time to play, giving free rein to your passion. In San Vigilio, at the Ciamaor sport area, there are four courts available, two hard and two clay courts, whichever you prefer.