THE Dolomites, a priceless treasure

There are very few areas and natural panoramas around the world, however splendid and spectacular, that can rival the Dolomites. The variety of the natural spectacles they offer, their ever-changing colors and nuances, the majestic visions they transmit and the great proximity - genuinely full contact - with which the area has been lived in to date, something that everyone, with due respect, can experience. And in all this, the history which has passed through the area cannot be left out. World history, first and foremost, stretching back well beyond the Triassic, the first Mesozoic period, to the late Permian age, 251 million years ago when the Dolomites began to take shape in a tropical sea from which discoveries are still emerging.

And then human history, equally full of evidence. And the sadly bloody, painful and not-to-be-forgotten World War One, just a century ago, to the history of mountaineering and climbing which began earlier, in the 18th century, right here in the rocks, thanks to Deodat Gratet de Dolomieu’s scientific curiosity. Dolomieu was the first man to study the rocks’ chemistry and geology and they were later named after him. In all this, however, the most important history is that of the people who were born and grew up in these valleys, initially farmers, shepherds, and hunters who gradually developed a symbiotic relationship with the mountains, appreciating them first and then sharing them with others, making them respectfully accessible and transforming them into a holiday paradise of colors, panoramas and mountain life which everyone can now enjoy on a Dolomites holiday.

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The Dolomites have a great deal to offer! Discovering the mountains’ four seasons together will certainly be an unforgettably exciting experience.