Certification GSTC
The first sustainable region in South Tyrol
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Certification GSTC

The first sustainable region in South Tyrol

Being one of the first destinations in the world to be certified to the GSTC standards is a source of great pride for us. Achieving the certification is a milestone in the history of our destination, rewarding our identity, lifestyle and values that have always been linked to respect for the environment in which we live. We are convinced that this certification will help us understand where we are and activate a mechanism of continuous improvement for our destination.
The Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) is a non-profit organization established by the United Nations in collaboration with other non-governmental organizations (NGOs) worldwide to protect the environment. Today, it represents numerous tourism stakeholders, including the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), various national and local governments, united by a desire to develop best practices for sustainable tourism.

The goal of this organization is to identify and manage global standards for all aspects of sustainability for destinations, lodging establishments and tour operators. The numerous indicators of GSTC certification were developed to implement the 17 Sustainable Development Goals promoted by the United Nations and are divided into four macro areas covering the pillars of sustainability:


  •     Sustainable Destination Management
  •     Socio-economic sustainability
  •     Cultural sustainability
  •     Ecological sustainability

Among the numerous eco-labels worldwide, the GSTC is the only body that ensures certain basic    characteristics that demonstrate its excellence, including:


  •     Worldwide recognition
  •     Verification of compliance with sustainability criteria (economic, social and environmental)
  •     Audit process of requirements carried out by a third party accredited by the GSTC for the granting of certification, which in turn is verified to obtain the most objective result possible
  •     Diverse standards for lodging establishments, destinations and tour operators.

San Vigilio Dolomites

The first sustainable region in South Tyrol
San Vigilio Dolomites
  • Strategy
  • Statistics
  • Going green


Development in the right direction

We have decided to direct all our strategic goals towards sustainability and to actively involve the local community in this process. Our community has always been sensitive to environmental issues, but we decided to make this commitment official by obtaining this important certification.

Sustainable development strategy


Development in the right direction

We collect a range of data on different aspects of sustainability, from numbers related to the presence of tourists to statistics on nature and the environment.  The results we obtain allow us to make conscious choices, oriented towards a more sustainable development. Below is a brief presentation of the monitoring conducted.


Going green

Our commitment to the future

We live in a world where the impact of climate change is becoming increasingly evident and severe, affecting nature and people. In order to maintain the delicate balance that has allowed us to enjoy our planet’s striking beauty, we are convinced that everyone must do their part by committing to reduce their impact and ecological footprint. In line with European declarations, we aim for a 30% reduction of our energy use and emissions by 2030.

Energy reduction programme
Our accomodations

The Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) is a non-profit organisation that sets the basic standards for sustainable development in the tourism and travel sector at the global level. In addition to the certification of the San Vigilio-San Martin Tourism area, three accommodations were also awarded for their development and holistic vision of sustainable tourism after a detailed review. 

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