Together for more environmental care


Always mindful of our environment and culture

Our goal as a tourist office is to promote and support sustainable tourism in our destination. Sustainable tourism means aiming for a lower environmental impact in order to protect nature while promoting the economy and society and respecting the local culture. More than 56% of our territory has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, which fills us with pride, but also burdens us, because we have the responsibility to protect this unique beauty of the world. Respecting nature means giving preference to more environmentally friendly mobility, recycling and waste reduction. Choosing local, organic and sustainable products is the best way to respect the local community.

Being one of the first destinations in the world to be certified according to GSTC standards is a great source of pride. Achieving this certification is a milestone in the history of our destination, rewarding our identity, lifestyle and values that have always been linked to respect for the environment in which we live. We are convinced that this certification will help us understand where we are and activate a mechanism of continuous improvement for our destination.

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