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The Dolomites without barriers
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Accessible vacation

The Dolomites without barriers

San Vigilio is an area of rare beauty, with forests, meadows and mountains participating in the creation of a spectacular natural picture in every season. As if painted by a master painter, the purest white of the peaks in winter is replaced by the colourful spring with flowers-covered slopes, and then the warm summer tones and bright red of autumn.


We strongly believe that everyone must be able to experience this beauty to the fullest, so the accessibility of the area is one of our core values. We want to ensure that everyone can enjoy their holiday and leisure time in the best possible way, without obstacles or difficulties, making the most of the nature, hospitality and sensations of the Dolomites.


On this page you will discover a series of barrier-free activities that can be tackled by everyone, regardless of their physical condition. This does not mean that your enjoyment will be compromised; on the contrary: among the easiest and more accessible routes, for example, there are high-altitude walks of great scenic impact, easily reached by cable car.

San Vigilio - San Martin
Barrier-free walk: Brach - Pieve di Marebbe
Distance 0,9 km
Duration 30 min
Ascent 5 m
Decent 31 m
San Vigilio - San Martin
Barrier-free walk: San Vigilio - Pares - Seres
Distance 1,0 km
Duration 20 min
Ascent 68 m
Decent 6 m
San Vigilio - San Martin
Barrier-free walk: San Vigilio - Spiaggetta Ciamaor
Distance 1,3 km
Duration 30 min
Ascent 15 m
Decent 3 m
These routes are a bit more demanding, so an accompanying person can help with more challenging passages. Please check with the tourist office if the routes are suitable for your handicap.
San Vigilio - San Martin
Walk: San Vigilio - Torpei - Pinei
Distance 3,1 km
Duration 55 min
Ascent 128 m
Decent 170 m
San Vigilio - San Martin
Didactic path: Tru Vistles
Distance 3,5 km
Duration 56 min
Ascent 64 m
Decent 64 m
San Vigilio - San Martin
Walk: Brüscia
Distance 2,8 km
Duration 47 min
Ascent 62 m
Decent 82 m
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San Vigilio - San Martin
Hike around Gran Ju
Distance 1,7 km
Duration 50 min
Ascent 73 m
Decent 73 m
Feel the snow
Adaptive Skiing

Top Ski Piculin Ski School organizes courses for people with disabilities or other special needs. This makes skiing an adventure for everyone. For more information, contact Top Ski Piculin.

Top Ski Piculin

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