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Fresh snow and the Dolomites at 360°

In winter, the Dolomites around San Vigilio and San Martino in Badia become the undisputed kingdom of alpine skiing. The most authentic version of alpine skiing finds its ideal territory here, with skis covered with seal hides, that become a way of reaching peaks and summits that are otherwise completely cut off, before descending through fresh snow, between the peaks of the nature parks of Fanes Senes and Braies or Puez Odle. The altitudes, between 2000 and 3000 meters, are ideal for always having good snow cover, while the varied hillsides offer a multitude of tracks to practice this sport surrounded by show-stopping landscapes.

But do take care: the mountain must always be approached with caution and respect; any risk can be fatal and it is absolutely necessary to follow weather reports and avalanche forecasts! 

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