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Swarovski Optik

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The Tourist office San Vigilio - San Martin has decided to enter a partnership with Swarovski Optik. The latter is an Austrian company that is world-famous for its long-range lenses and binoculars. Furthermore, its cutting-edge technologies are also used at the highest levels of sport and are featured in major global events such as the Olympics, the Biathlon World Cup, and major shooting sports events. Since 2019, Swarovski Optik has also expanded its focus to the field of "observation and knowledge" optics, thus embarking on a collaboration with our organisation to enhance nature (thanks to its lenses) by seeing it very closely. Swarovski Optik cares deeply about the love and preservation of nature and, like us, wants sustainable development that ensures the economic, social, and environmental well-being of future generations. Their philosophy aligns perfectly with our corporate values, which is why we have decided to become a partner and offer our visitors unique experiences using Swarovski Optik branded products, which can be rented at our BinoRent points.

What Swarovski Optik tells about us
Observe with respect
5 rules for spotting animals
  • Respect animals and the enviroment
  • Be patient and calm, speak in a low voice
  • Make yourself invisible as far as possible
  • Know yourself and your limits
  • GOLDEN RULE: Be amazed always, no matter where you are

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