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Natura 2000

Protection of life forms and habitats

“Natura 2000” is a European Union spatial development project set up in 1992 to identify, safeguard and ensure the long-term survival of Europe's most valuable and threatened species as well as habitats within a network of sites. These have been selected according to strict scientific criteria, subject to protection, under two main directives (Habitats and Birds) and further protection species.

Within the municipalities of Marebbe and San Martino in Badia, more than 31,000 hectares of land - in the Fanes-Senes-Braies and Puez-Odle Nature Parks - receive additional protection by Natura 2000. This is a significant and binding commitment, but also a source of environmental pride. Furthermore, it is a guarantee for residents and guests to be able to enjoy areas of exceptional environmental and ecosystem richness, as well as take a leading role within them. This awareness is also a call for both residents or visitors to care and respect our environments.


Biotopes & Natural monuments

Special protected areas

The two municipalities of Marebbe and San Martino in Badia together can boast about 10 natural monuments and 2 biotopes, on a total area of 23,768 ha.

The most important natural monuments are probably the sulfur springs "Bad Valdander" and the spring area "Lagac" near the village of Lungiarü, in the municipality of San Martino. The "Fontanes" near the lake Lago della Creta in San Vigilio and the lakes of Rina, are among the most beautiful in the municipality of Marebbe. But all of them are worth a visit!

The two biotopes that have been identified so far can be explored in the fascinating surroundings of the municipality of San Martino in Badia. We find them when we enter the beautiful alluvial landscape of Vistles, one of the most beautiful alluvial forests of the whole valley. Or at Passo delle Erbe you will find special moss forms, surrounded by an amazing panorama.

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