Hike around Piz de Plaies

San Vigilio - San Martin
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The original route can of course be shortened or lengthened as desired, combining it with the other circular routes of Piz de Plaies.

PIZ DE PLAIES (H-R  1h 30 min.)
The Piz de Plaies circular trail is very easy and at the same time interesting from a landscape point of view, with splendid views of Val Badia, Monte Pütia and San Martino. The route is also particularly suitable for families with small children.
The circular route starts at the mountain station of the Piz de Plaies lift on Col d'Ancona and leads to the Alpinus farmhouse, from where a pleasant forest path passes to the right of Piz de Plaies. The path then leads through the beautiful coniferous forest until just before the hamlet of Pice Jú. Turn left uphill to return to the Alpinus Agriturism and then to the starting point of the Col dl'Ancona.

Route data
3,8 km
1 h 30 min
177 m
177 m
Technical skills
Physical condition
Highest point
1.653 m
Lowest point
1.567 m
The circular route starts at the mountain station of the Piz de Plaies lift at Col d'Ancona and leads to the Alpinus Agriturism, from where a pleasant forest path surrounds Piz de Plaies. Via the Alpinus Agriturism, you finally return to Col d'Ancona.
How to get there
Col dl'Ancona can be reached both in summer and winter from San Vigilio with the Piz de Plaies cable car. From S. Martino/Piculein, the Piculin cable car is only open in winter. Of course, you can also reach the starting point on foot; from San Vigilio in approx. 1 hour and 15 minutes, from Piccolo on the other hand in 1 hour and 45 minutes.
Where to park
You can park your car both in San Vigilio and in Picoleina. From Pikolein you can also drive to Col dl'Ancona. Parking is possible at the Col dl'Ancona hut. Beware of the narrow and steep road!
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