San Vigilio Zipline

How about putting on a helmet and safety harness, hooking double carabiners to a pulley at a controlled speed and setting off on an exhilarating descent through trees and valleys along a steel cable? It’s called a Zipline and the longest of its kind in Europe can be found in San Vigilio. It descends along a zig zag course through Piz de Plaies to end up only a few steps from the main square of the village.

For those who have never tried it, it is an exhilarating experience while completely safe and guaranteed by qualified assistants who never lose sight of you and are ready to intervene in any situation. In around fifteen downhill stages, going from tree to tree, it covers almost the entire drop of the famous ski slope “Erta”, that hosts the Women’s Skiing World Cup, passing from one side of the valley to the other on that side of the mountain.

The experience is suitable for adults and children and is a thrilling ride with views from angles never seen before.

San Vigilio di Marebbe
Open: 28.04.2019 - 28.10.2019
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