Guided excursions

The San Vigilio di Marebbe and San Martino in Badia tourist association has drawn up a full program of guided excursions for every season of the year to take visitors to all the area’s special features and natural beauties. For each sector, from mountaineering to ecology, culture to food and wine, nature to the environment, you will be accompanied by expert, professional trained and skilled guides who will answer all your questions and satisfy all your curiosity, introducing you to some of the sometimes-hidden gems of the area and its people.

Request the full guided visit and trip program relating to the holiday period chosen.

In the summer, for example, we can offer you a grand total of 120 hours of weekly guided excursions for groups of up to 15 people.

Dawn excursion in the animal kingdom
If we’re lucky, during this easy early morning excursion accompanied by an expert hunter or forest ranger we will see wild animals such as chamois, roe deer or foxes in their natural habitats in the Puez-Odle nature park.

10,00 € ; children until 12 years 5,00 €
Program of guided excursions
The typical flora of the Medalghes alp
The excursion takes you first through woods, then on mountain meadows of the Munt d 'Adagn alp with its numerous ancient huts and its typical flora. Where the meadows are not mowed, the meadows are used as pasture. The walk leads from the Medalghes fork to the Rifugio Genova hut and then returns to the Val di Murins valley.

15,00 €; children until 12 years 8,00 €
Program of guided excursions
La natöra te so gran splendur
Malga di Antersasc in the nature park Puez-Odle is located in an enclosed and partly completely unspoilt valley. It can therefore only be reached on foot and retains its tranquillity and wild nature. From the alpine hut of Antersasc you reach the summit of Cima Dodici, which offers a breathtaking and unique view of Lungiarü.

15,00 €; children until 12 years 8,00 €
Program of guided excursions
Limestone & karst
The fascinating sculptures carved by the water in the rocks - karst phenomena - make the Fanes plateaus unique. The landscape is characterized by expanses of mountain pines, pastures, spectacular waterways and clear mountain lakes. Here during the summer cows, marmots and chamois share the tasty herbs. The path leads through landscapes, which have always aroused the visitor's imagination, creating the tales of the legendary kingdom of Fanes.

San Cassiano/San Vigilio
15,00 €; children until 12 years 8,00 €

Passo delle Erbe - among fossils and flowers
The mountain pass "Passo delle Erbe", sited in the Puez-Odle Nature Park, is the perfect place to take an easy stroll among conifers, shrubs and montane grasslands while observing the pertified see of the Dolomites. Thus, hikers can discover the geological history of the Dolomites getting at the same time an insight into the thight relationships between rock, vegetation and fauna of the montane ecosystems.

Antermoia/Passo delle Erbe
5,00 €
Program of guided excursions