Guided excursions

The San Vigilio di Marebbe and San Martino in Badia tourist association has drawn up a full program of guided excursions for every season of the year to take visitors to all the area’s special features and natural beauties. For each sector, from mountaineering to ecology, culture to food and wine, nature to the environment, you will be accompanied by expert, professional trained and skilled guides who will answer all your questions and satisfy all your curiosity, introducing you to some of the sometimes-hidden gems of the area and its people.

Request the full guided visit and trip program relating to the holiday period chosen.

In the summer, for example, we can offer you a grand total of 120 hours of weekly guided excursions for groups of up to 15 people.

Dawn excursion in the animal kingdom
If we’re lucky, during this easy early morning excursion accompanied by an expert hunter or forest ranger we will see wild animals such as chamois, roe deer or foxes in their natural habitats in the Puez-Odle nature park.

10,00€ ; children until 12 years 5,00€
Program of guided excursions
Lake of Braies & Fojedöra
From San Vigilio a taxi takes you to Lago di Braies. The majestic Croda del Becco is reflected in this largest lake of the Dolomites, its clear water shimmers in all shades of blue and green. Just as idyllic is the Alpine pasture Fojedöra, which we reach some time later, and where young students look after the grazing livestock and make their own bread and cheese - as if time had stood still here...

San Viglio/Braies
25,00€; children until 12 years 20,00€
Program of guided excursions
The typical flora of the Medalghes alp
The excursion takes you first through woods, then on mountain meadows of the Munt d 'Adagn alp with its numerous ancient huts and its typical flora. Where the meadows are not mowed, the meadows are used as pasture. The walk leads from the Medalghes fork to the Rifugio Genova hut and then returns to the Val di Murins valley.

15,00€; children until 12 years 8,00€
Program of guided excursions
Healing nature
More and more people are medicinal plant and aromatic herb enthusiasts today. During this trip you will stop many times to get to know edible flowers and medicinal herbs and also some of the most dangerous poisonous plants along the road. The expert will share ancient knowledge of plants passed down from generation to generation by his Ladin ancestors.

San Vigilio
10,00€; children until 12 years 5,00€
Program of guided excursions
Quo Vadis? Excursion in the Nature Park Puez-Odle
This walk is especially well-suited to families Together with our guide Christoph, and with the help of a map, we will find our path through the forest, climbing safely to a panoramic point with beautiful mountain views. During this beautiful panoramic excursion, we will learn what a map can tell us and how to find our way through the mountains with or without a compass.

15,00€; children until 10 years 5,00€
Program of guided excursions
Immersed in the legend of the Fanes empire - "Regn de Fanes"
From the visitor center of the Fanes-Sennes-Prags Nature Park, we head for the "Tru dles Liondes", the educational trail of the legends of the Fanes empire. With the parking guard Matteo we start to discover the ancient mythology of the Dolomites. As a result, Dolasilla is the main heroine of the Ladin national epic. The beautiful princess triumphed over all her enemies with her bravery, her protective white tank, and the infallible magic arrows, leading her people into a golden age. We also meet the brave warrior Edl de Net and the magician Spina de Mul, protector of the precious treasure of the Fanes empire called "Raiëta".
After the mystical hike, we have the opportunity to deepen our knowledge in the Nature Park House to various aspects of the Natural Park.

San Vigilio
10,00€ ; children until 10 years 5,00€
Program of guided excursions