Those special days...
Mountain dairy trips

Are you a lover of green fields and meadows, the silence of nature and a slow-paced holiday? Are you looking for the true flavor of the mountains, nourishing those living in it every day in their work, while admiring the Dolomite peaks from a respectful distance? Then the Ladin dairies and mountain huts are the ideal destinations for you.

You almost always set off from the town you’re staying in and generally all it takes is a couple of hours walking or so with an altitude gain of around 5-600 meters to get you above the tree line. And here, in the midst of dwarf mountain pines, expanses of rhododendrons and mountain meadows, there’ll always be a mountain hut or dairy awaiting you. Here the dairymen usually look after cattle owned by a range of farmers and breeders, but they’ll certainly find time to give you a meal of homemade farm specialties they have made. And while the children while away the time playing and exploring the area or learning more about animals from close-to, you can enjoy a well-deserved rest and enjoy the quiet, light and panoramas opening up before you. A greeting, a chat with other walkers, a goodbye to the polite, smiling dairyman and slowly the time has come to leave this paradise and return home.

But tomorrow, as long as you stay here, another dairy or mountain hut is waiting for you.