Two town councils, six towns!
San Vigilio-San Martin

We want to emphasize that our towns are well equipped with everything you need for your holidays! Six small mountain towns, each different from the others: this is what makes this area ideal for any visitor.

A ‘capital’ at the foot of the Fanes Senes Braies nature park
San Vigilio
San Vigilio di Marebbe, Al Plan in Ladin, is the local capital and, naturally, the main center of the Marebbe town area, which includes the towns of Pieve di Marebbe, Longega and Rina. As is to be expected, it offers all the services local people need and is the vibrant center of the area’s social, administrative, cultural and also tourist life. Whilst always bound to its farming traditions and customs, it is a town in which innovation and the new have always found a made-to-measure attentive space.
A small town with a rich history
Pieve di Marebbe, La Plì in Ladin, at 1284 meters of altitude, on the slopes of Plan de Corones, is the area's most historic and history-packed town; a place worth exploring. Its name derives from its parish church, dedicated to the Virgin Mary, still a site of pilgrimages and historically the religious center of the whole valley. Today it contains Renaissance art treasures while its small center, almost all clustered around the church, highlights the fine aristocratic residence called Granciasa - large house - while the road to the Pliscia Vila passes the now renovated Brach castle. Pieve di Marebbe is encircled by a great many “Viles”, of which the largest is Curt/Corte. All merit at least a short visit.
Rina, perched at 1432 meters of altitude on the left bank of the Gadera stream, on the slopes of Mont de Rina, is a farming, artisan town much beloved of its people, who still accept the inconveniences generated by distance from the main towns and places of study and work rather than leave it behind. In the morning, Rina is always the first village the sun shines on and it is precisely in Rina, in far off 1889, that the South Tyrol’s first Raiffeisen co-operative was set up by its parish priest Ujöp (Giuseppe) Dasser.
The gateway 
Longega, situated at the confluence of the Gadera stream and Rio San Vigilio, is practically the gateway to the Marebbe area. On the Badia valley’s old and new state roads, it was a historic rest and trading point for travelers. Today it is growing southeastwards and it and San Vigilio are now part of a single settled area.
Cradle of Ladin culture
San Martin
San Martino in Badia, San Martin de Tor in Ladin, is the capital of the second town council which forms part of the tourist association. Dominated by Tor castle, Ciastel Tor, now seat of Museum Ladin, it is encircled by the hamlets of Piccolino, Longiarü and Antermoia, located in the middle Badia valley and 1127 meters above the bottom of the Gadera valley. The historical seat of justice, it is mainly a farming and artisan center but also site of the main headquarters of the Ladin cultural institute Micurà de Rü, which has a very fine library. By means of Passo delle Erbe provincial road it is also linked to the Funes valley and Sant’Andrea and Bressanone.
Puez-Odle nature park mountaineering village
Longiarù, Lungiarü in Ladin, is a famed craft center, in particular for carpentry and, from a tourist perspective, it has recently been nominated Mountaineering Village, the first in the Dolomites to have been awarded this title. Becoming a Mountaineering Village means respecting prerogatives which exclude both excessive luxury and mass tourism whilst privileging simplicity, naturalness, cordiality and respect for nature and other people; all mountaineering values. The Puez Odle nature park, a family play park, footpaths for summer excursions and sledge slopes in the winter and the fine Mill Footpath in the Seres valley with its adjoining Vila, complete Lungiarü’s distinctive attractions.
Just a step away from the sky
Antermoia, Antermëia in Ladin, is a San Martino in Badia town at the foot of Passo delle Erbe. Always a bucolic and simple rural village, although historically it also had the Valdander spa baths, now happily open again, its main attraction is the peace and quiet to be found in its pristine landscapes and places and, in winter, in its family ski slopes, refurbished with a ski lift right in the town center. The proximity of Passo dell Erbe and the Puez Odle nature park complete its attractions for lovers of pristine nature. 
Link between Plan de Corones and the upper Badia valley
Piccolino, Picolin in Ladin, is the first San Martino village you meet to the right of the Gadera stream as you come from Brunico. Always a place of travel and rest, as it was crossed by the historic Val Badia road, it was a predominantly agricultural village with one of the area's finest period manor houses. Today, with its artisan zone, health district and cabin lift linking it to Giovo/Ju and Piz de Plaies, it is a center for crafts, social services, and ski access and links between Plan de Corones and the upper Badia valley.
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