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Discover the beautiful tours in and around the San Vigilio Dolomites and get an overview of what else awaits you here

Discover neighbouring provinces and sleepy villages nestling in grassy green meadows, lined with photo opportunities and great views in the heart of the Dolomites. This is also the home of the Ladin language. It is the oldest language in South Tyrol, also called Dolomites Ladin. But this is not all. The region is literally bursting with history: Various eras and world wars have shaped this region and many legends about dwarves and warriors are being told. Take in the culture and history on your road bike tours - all the other highlights are here, divided into different levels of difficulty.

Tours for everyone

Tours for everyone
  • Easy
  • Advanced
  • Expert



Leisurely tours for getting into the swing of things or for days when you want to take it a little easier.

Tour suggestion: Via the Val Pusteria cycle path or from San Vigilio to Marebbe - the route is mostly flat and ideal for getting into the swing of things.

Easy tours



Medium tours with some of the most beautiful climbs of the region.

Tour suggestion: A real favourite is the Plan de Corones circular tour, where with just under 50 kilometres and around 955 meters elevation gain you almost always have the local mountain in view.

Medium Tours



Experience the most beautiful passes of the Dolomites -  you need to be on top form to be able to master these road bike classics.

Tour suggestion: The classic par excellence is the Sellaronda with its 196 kilometres and 1,233 metres elevation gain, which also includes the Passo Campolongo - a real must for road bike fans!

Tours for experts
The stuff of legends: The passes around San Vigilio and San Martin

Are you familiar with the names Passo Furcia, Passo Campolongo and Passo Tre Croci? Not yet? Let us tell you about them: Because on these legendary passes, which are known beyond the borders, bikers’ thighs burn and road bike legends are born. Stages of numerous road bike races have passed by here. The pass routes are a real magnet for spectators and very popular with racing cyclist. Whether a training ground for top riders or a route for leisure cyclists who want to emulate their heroes - these passes are the salt in every (racing) bike soup.

From Transalp to private races: The road bike events

The famous Transalp always passes by here - joined by classics such as the Giro delle Dolomiti or the Maratona dles Dolomites. It’s obvious: The region is virtually predestined for this, as the combination of an excellent network of trails, spectacular mountain scenery and frenetic fans of the sport makes for an exciting racing atmosphere.

Would you like to conquer the passes? Then why not book a guided road bike tour!

Would you like to focus more on the joy of the tour than on navigating it? Ask the bike school to arrange a guided tour. The locals know the area better than the back of their hands and are happy to show you the pass highlights that fit your wishes and your fitness level.

The best passes

The best passes
  • The best passes
  • Passo Campolongo
  • Passo Tre Croci
  • Passo delle Erbe
  • Passo Furcia
  • The best passes

The best passes

As legendary and spectacular as the Dolomites themselves: The passes around San Vigilio Dolomites

The passes around the villages of San Vigilio and San Martin, which are known far beyond the borders, let the eyes of racing cyclists light up every year - and make their thighs burn. They are an absolute must do for every fan of the sport, whether top rider or leisure cyclist: Put the routes at the top of your bucket list and let our descriptions inspire you!

  • Passo Campolongo

Passo Campolongo

Pass facts

Difficulty: easy/medium

Northern ascent from Corvara: 5.9 km & 368 m elevation gain

Southern ascent from Arabba: 3.9 km & 292 m elevation gain

Altitude: 1.523 m – 1.875 m

On its own, Passo Campolongo is the ideal start to the adventure of passes. It is neither particularly long nor very steep. It can also be ridden as part of the Sellaronda consisting of Passo Pordoi, Passo Sella, Passo Gardena and Passo Campolongo. The typical dramatic Dolomites panoramas await you, and consistently moderate inclines.

Conclusion: A short challenge with beautiful views

  • Passo Tre Croci

Passo Tre Croci

Pass facts

Difficulty: easy/medium

Western ascent from Cortina d'Ampezzo: 8.1 km & 575 m elevation gain

Eastern ascent from the crossroads with the SS48: 3.9 km & 292 m elevation gain

Altitude: 1.226 m – 1.806 m

On the connecting road (SR 48 or SS51) are Auronzo, Dobbiaco and the ski resort of Cortina d'Ampezzo. Via Lago di Misurina on Col Sant’Angelo, you continue to the legendary Three Peaks. A few real highlights to pause for! Once you have finished admiring the views, the ride continues back to San Vigilio.

Conclusion: A great all-rounder pass with numerous highlights - there is something for everyone here

  • Passo delle Erbe

Passo delle Erbe

Pass facts

Difficulty: medium/hard

Western ascent from Bressanone: 30 km & 1.750 m elevation gain

Eastern ascent via San Martin: 15 km & 1.070 m elevation gain

Altitude: 551 m – 1.127 m

Passo delle Erbe lies at an altitude of 2,006 metres and there is a total of several metres of altitude to overcome here - this route has it all! Nevertheless, you will be fully rewarded for your efforts, because one of the most beautiful passes of the Dolomites UNESCO World Natural Heritage awaits you here. The view of the Monte Putia - called Sas de Pütia in Ladin - and the view down to the Puez-Odle nature park are simply breathtaking!

Conclusion: A true highlight tour for passionate road cyclists.

  • Passo Furcia

Passo Furcia

Pass facts

Difficulty: medium

Western ascent via Longega: 12.5 km – 750 m elevation gain

Northern ascent from Valdaora: 12 km & 741 m elevation gain

Altitude: 1.016 m – 1.765 m

Between Val Badia and eastern Val Pusteria is Passo Furcia. Tour highlights include Plan de Corones and the Ladin hamlets. They have a unique architecture and are witnesses of the Ladin style of construction. In addition, you ride here in the footsteps of cycling history: In 2008 and 2010, the legendary Giro d'Italia put in a strenuous mountain stage on Plan de Corones.

Conclusion: A great circuit for ambitious and advanced riders


Road bike accommodations

Road biking holidays in the heart of the Dolomites

Your hosts: True road bike experts

Roadbike Holidays is THE road biking holiday expert. In the specialised Roadbike Holidays hotels, you and your road bike can expect the best service and expertise. It is not unusual for the hotel manager to go on tour together with his guests and share his insider knowledge and expertise in his racing bike territory. Let us introduce you to the road bike experts at San Vigilio Dolomites - here you will find the expertise and local knowledge you are looking for.

These are the Road Bike Plus advantages:

  • Road bikes and Wellness
  • Road bikes and Sport
  • Accompanying vehicles


Discover more bike-friendly accommodations

The Approved Bike Area San Vigilio Dolomites offers plenty of bike-friendly accommodation, which also follows strict quality standards. The list of criteria for these hotels shows at a glance why road bikers are in good hands here:

  • Locked bike room
  • Fully equipped washing area for bicycles
  • Tour information and GPS data
  • Laundry service
  • Equipment and space for road bike maintenance (e.g.: pump, bike keys, chain oil, etc.)

Guests of the selected partner businesses of our local bike school San Vigilio di Marebbe, also receive attractive price advantages for tours and courses. From family B&Bs to exclusive chalets and modern four-star superior hotels, you'll find everything a holidaymaker's heart desires.


Sporthotel Exclusive****

Road bike accommodation

The Sport Hotel Exclusive in San Vigilio on Plan de Corones is the perfect starting point for your tours into the UNESCO World Natural Heritage Dolomites. Roman Erlacher, manager of the road bike hotel and himself a passionate road cyclist, accompanies you on tours of the Dolomite passes and the Sellaronda. After the day's exertions in the saddle, the hotel at an altitude of 1,200 m offers relaxation in the wellness area: swimming pool, sauna, steam bath, Jacuzzi or aromarium - you are spoilt for choice.


San Vigilio Dolomites bietet Top-Event für Rennrad-Fans und Profis gleichermaßen. Von der legendären Transalp Tour bis zum Maratona dles Dolomites.
  • Hotspot Dolomiten
  • Tour Transalp
  • Maratona dles Dolomites
  • Hotspot Dolomiten

Hotspot Dolomiten

Rennrad-Events der Extraklasse

Frenetically cheering fans, raging wheel-to-wheel battles at the passes and stage winners crying with happiness and exhaustion - the annual event highlights of the San Vigilio Dolomites region provide unforgettable season highlights and a racing atmosphere you can touch! The Giro d'Italia has come to our region several times. The mountain time trial from San Vigilio to the Plan the Corones in 2010 remains unforgotten! Be there LIVE and right in the centre of the Dolomites bike races! Here you can find out which dates you should already mark red in your calendar as a true racing bike fan:

  1. Tour Transalp - Every other year, a fixed state of the legendary tour across the Alps is hosted in San Vigilio. 
  2. Maratona dles Dolomites - the marathon of the giants of the Dolomites


  • Tour Transalp

Tour Transalp

Hell of a Ride

The well-known amateur tour Transalp comes to the Dolomites in an alternating two-year pattern as a beloved regular guest - alternating between the "Bike Transalp" and the "Tour Transalp"- and brings with it guaranteed high voltage at top level! It’s not surprising: The strengths of the San Vigilio Dolomites biking region - the combination of an excellent network of trails and spectacular mountain scenery - come into their own. Plan de Corones becomes the landmark of the short but strenuous stage, which (fortunately for the spectators) starts in the middle of the old town of Brunico, before it goes through valley basins and over small, steep mountain roads up to the 1,759 m high Passo Furcia and down to the finish. The village of San Vigilio is always a stopover.

  • Maratona dles Dolomites

Maratona dles Dolomites

The classic race

The participants of the Maratona dles Dolomites road cycling marathon have set out to conquer the mountains in the South Tyrolean Dolomites region around Alta Badia year after year since 1987. Many of the brave conquerors of mountains, fans and spectators pitch their tents in San Vigilio. After all, Passo Furcia and Passo delle Erbe offer perfect training conditions. And it is only a hop, skip and a jump to Alta Badia.

Cortina d'Ampezzo tour | © San Vigilio/San Martin, St. Vigil in Enneberg
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San Vigilio - San Martin
Cortina d'Ampezzo tour
Distance 137,3 km
Duration 9 h 32 min
Height difference 1.387 m
Bressanone e Passo delle Erbe | © San Vigilio/San Martin, St. Vigil in Enneberg
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San Vigilio - San Martin
Bressanone and Passo delle Erbe
Distance 100,3 km
Duration 6 h 13 min
Height difference 1.437 m
San Vigilio - San Martin
Passo Giau
Distance 133,1 km
Duration 11 h 23 min
Height difference 1.220 m
San Vigilio - San Martin
Distance 106,5 km
Duration 7 h 42 min
Height difference 1.233 m
Plan de Corones tour | © San Vigilio/San Martin, St. Vigil in Enneberg
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San Vigilio - San Martin
Plan de Corones tour
Distance 47,2 km
Duration 3 h 02 min
Height difference 955 m
The guarantee of the Bike School San Vigilio

The guides from the local bike school San Vigilio di Marebbe know the region around Plan de Corones like the back of their hands. At their side you won't miss any highlights, discover unexpected routes and the most beautiful spots in the Dolomites. There's something to be said for leaving route planning to someone else for once and concentrating entirely on the road bike and the experience of nature...

Subculture instead of mainstream - on the guided tours, the local guides show you not only the legendary passes, but also great side roads that are hardly used even during the high season and are waiting to be awoken from their slumber. The inclines here are quite demanding on the leg muscles, so training beforehand can't hurt. For this, you have the guarantee of the bike school San Vigilio di Marebbe: The effort is worth it - the Dolomites are truly unique!

Mehr Informationen
Roadbike Holidays
This is the home of the road bike experts

The Roadbike Holidays hotels are THE road biking holiday experts. The hosts of these selected hotels are themselves passionate road cyclists and experts in their territory. Here, your road bike guides are directly in the hotel. Join them on guided highlight tours, take advantage of their insider know-how and discover the secret spots of San Vigilio Dolomites.

The outstanding local road bike expert is Roman Erlacher, manager of the Sporthotel Exclusive - a veritable bedrock of road biking in San Vigilio Dolomites. The sporty all-rounder is happy to show his hotel guests his road biking territory - with 10 Dolomite passes and 2 guided tours every week! 

Expert tips
Expert talk: So, what are the advantages of guided tours?

"Guided tours allow guests to really enjoy the landscape - without constant navigating and searching, without any stress! I can also tell exciting stories about the region. And I know the best refreshment stops in the region for every taste! With our mini groups of 2-3 riders, guided tours are simply a very individual story with personal attention."                                                                   

Roman Erlacher, Hotel Manager & Road Bike Expert

Roman's speciality are low-traffic secret routes over old farm tracks - you can find his favourite tour over Passo Furcia and to San Lorenzo di Sebato .

Sounds good? Then why not book your personal guided road bike tour now!