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Medium road bike tours around San Vigilio Dolomites

Discover the beautiful tours in and around the San Vigilio Dolomites and get an overview of what else awaits you here

The happy medium: It should not be extremely strenuous but still a challenge - that's how one could describe these tours. Of course, that is also in the eye of the beholder - or in their level of fitness. On medium-difficulty tours you will discover completely new corners of our region and perhaps also new sides to yourself as you exceed yourself!

Tour Facts
Val Pusteria sun route

Length: 74 km

Difficulty: medium

Climb: 1,500 m

Altitude: 783 m – 1.316 m


A beautiful tour that starts towards Brunico and continues via Vandoies di Sotto back to San Vigilio - a tour focusing on variety and sights, not a punishment of the calf muscles - even if the sun route with its 1,500 metres of elevation gain is not recommended for the untrained.

Tour Facts
Around Monte Cristallo

Length: 52 km

Difficulty: medium

Climb: 1,471 m

Altitude: 1.222 m – 2.278 m


This circular tour is literally studded with highlights: Cortina d'Ampezzo, the Three Peaks, Passo Tre Croci and the famous climb to the Rifugio Auronzo. This tour is best started in Cortina, to soak up the history as well as the language culture.

 Tour Facts
Roman’s secret tour

Length: 79 km

Difficulty: medium

Climb: 2.120 m

Altitude: 783 m – 1.795 m


Guide Roman Erlacher from the Sporthotel Exclusive has an insider tip: It crosses Passo Furcia - but that is all he divulges, otherwise the insider tip would no longer be for insiders :)