Summer hike: Lungiarü - Val di Murins - Vaciara

San Vigilio - San Martin
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Walking past the barn underneath the church in Lungiarü, cross the bridge and take the gravel road on your right to Frëina. Continue through the forest all the way to the lime kiln and the chapel in Seres, then take a right along the paved road and enter the valley of the mills (Val di Murins, trail no. 4) just after the bridge. At the end of the valley, trail no. 4b on the right leads to the Cialneur pastures (no. 35) from where a right turn will take you to the Ütia Vaciara inn. Alternative starting point: Pares car park near Seres

Route data
7,1 km
2 h 50 min
782 m
81 m
Technical skills
Physical condition
Highest point
2.133 m
Lowest point
1.391 m
How to get there
Take Bressanone North - Val Pusteria highway exit, continue via San Lorenzo, into Val Badia to San Martin de Tor. Pass the village and continue to Lungiarü.
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Ütia Fornella | © Ass. turistica San Martin, St. Vigil in Enneberg
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