through the Dolomites on signposted routes
Mountain bike tour

The very nature of the Dolomites areas around San Vigilio de Marebbe and San Martino in Badia, with dense woodland, alpine pastures and the nature parks of Fanes Senes Braies and Puez Odle that are practically on the doorstep of the village centers, offers a series of tours of the Dolomites by mountain bike that are capable of matching any fitness level.

Good signposting and detailed maps provided by the local tourist association will let you choose the route that’s best suited to your needs and abilities. The range of possibilities extends further still when you use the cable cars that are open even in summer, setting your starting point at a higher altitude and saving you long uphill climbs in favor of a spectacular route.
We have just one favor to ask, which is to respect, for yourselves and other users, the signs in place and the behavioral rules for mountain bike users on mountain paths. Thank you!