Moving around freely while respecting the environment
Green mobility

Electricity was the discovery which revolutionized the 19th century, quite literally bringing light to the darkness. Today it is electric transport, the green transport method par excellence which will, to a greater extent than any other, revolutionize the 21st century which has just begun. With its usual rapidity, technology is overcoming all the obstacles constituted by man’s current habits and expectations and making available the means to move around without polluting, making noise or producing emissions.

In this, too, San Vigilio and San Martino are on the cutting edge. Electric segway scooters reached Plan de Corones ten years ago while the first electric vehicles - minibuses and cars - were circulating silently around Marebbe town. Today e-MTBs and also roade-bikes allow the less fit to reach high Dolomite altitudes while San Vigilio’s Bike School has instructors who can teach you how to use these two-wheeled electric mobility methods.

Recharging stations
In the San Vigilio-San Martin area there are three electric vehicle recharging stations.  Two are in San Vigilio di Marebbe and the third is in San Martino in Badia. Various hotels also provide this service.