Electric mobility through the Dolomites
E-bike tour

Electric bikes, for race and road, as well as the mountain e-bike, have now conquered the market. Equipped with an energy reserve to use at just the right time, maybe when the climb gets steeper or when you suddenly need to go a bit faster, these let anyone who is not at the peak of physical condition try out more demanding routes in terms of distance or uneven ground.

Modern technology also allows us to calculate precisely and at all times how much artificial energy is in reserve. Together with knowledge of the route, this makes the planning and progression of our trip much easier. The tracks, like those for normal bikes, are countless and are equipped with a network of rest stops and charging points, in the dairies and refuges for the e-mountain bike or along the cycle paths for road bikes. Ask the bike rental service in a hotel or the tourist office for an up-to-date list for the chosen excursion.